Matt Howell Hunters Nation Pro Staff

Matt's love for the outdoors has been running through his blood since he was a small boy growing up in southwest CO. He carries strong memories of campfires and hunting stories at his Dad's elk camp, fishing at the lake when all the other kids wanted to be swimming or water skiing, and carrying buckets of day-old doughnuts into Grandpa and Dad's bear-bait and then sitting for hours as bears silently made their way in for a treat. Before Matt was old enough to hunt big game in Colorado, he loved sharing backcountry archery hunts for elk and mule deer with his dad. One of his fondest memories is calling in a herd bull for his dad not once but twice, when he was only 12 years old.

Matt remains very passionate about the outdoors today. His love for God, his wife and three boys are the only things that he places above his love for the outdoors. Matt's wife Darcy says "I have never in my life met someone who loves and thinks about hunting more than Matt"! When people ask his father how he is doing the answer will often times be something like, "The doctors have found out that Matt has a very contagious virus, he has the Hunter Virus".

Matt enjoys all types fishing, camping and hunting, but has a special place in his heart for chasing mule deer near his home in southwest CO. He looks forward to every opportunity to be in God's great outdoors. Matt is passionate about sharing with others and will go out of his way to help other people be successful and see their dreams come true in the great outdoors.

"Hunt hard and leave it all on the mountain!"

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