I’ve been exploring the wilderness and chasing wild game my entire life. I have to thank my dad for putting a gun and bow in my hands at a very young age. He is still my favorite hunting partner. I love to pursue all types of game, but velvet mule deer are what really get my blood pumping. Getting into a big buck’s personal space with a bow in hand takes a lot of patience, skill, and of course a little luck.Spring and Summer is all about bow fishing and high country scouting as fall always approaches fast. I’m a member of Team Ramrod Bow Fishing where we’ve placed 2nd, 4th and 5th in several state bow fishing tournaments. Late Fall you’ll find me running my two German Shorthair dogs, Finn and Kimber, chasing upland game birds, and occasionally going after waterfowl. For me the outdoors truly is more than a passion, it’s a way of life. I’m excited to share this passion for the outdoors through Hunters Nation and look forward to getting to know new people with the same common interests.

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  1. Royce Harrop

    Hi lance I just heard from my buddy who just shot his first Swan and you were there to help him. I guess you acted like a true sportsman and went way beyond the call. He was impressed on how you had your son there and how good he was. I just wanted to Thank you for helping him to have a great experience when he went unprepared.
    Thanks , Royce Harrop

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