Edward Gramza Hunters Nation Pro Staff

Ed Gramza doesn’t just go hunting, he lives for hunting. The outdoors has been a passion for him ever since he was young. He was raised with the traditions of hunting and conservation and his drive is to continue to teach and share this with others. Whether he is in a tree, laying in wait hidden in a blind or soaking a bobber, he is enjoying every memory he makes. Being out in nature gives you the ability to truly connect with the world around him and see the beauty that others do not get a chance to. Backpacking in the majestic national forests and spending quality time with his family is something he does not pass up. Ed is grateful to be a part of many fine pro staffs that serve the outdoors and had worked on the retail side of the industry.

His biggest hunting accomplishment that once was a dream recently became a reality when he was able to harvest his first bull elk in the mountains of Wyoming.  Ed is always looking for the next big adventure that takes him into the field to pursue his dream and passion chasing everything from birds to big game.  Currently Ed is a member and volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as well as a member of the Wild Sheep Federation.

Ed resides in Plymouth, WI with his wife and young daughter.  He is anxiously waiting for his daughter to be old enough to tag along on the next adventure.  Ed is also on pro staff with Barnes Bullets, onXmaps, QAD, Whale Tales Pro Shop, and serves as a HuntingTech for the GORE company.

May you dream of Tall Tines and Tight Lines!

  1. Dirk

    Hey Ed…good to see Wisconsin representing. If you are ever in the Madison area…get in touch. Been hunting for 30 years and nearly 15 in this area. If you are up for waterfowl around here I can get you out on birds…

    Have a good summer…only 73 more days till early goose!


    • Ed

      That would be great Dirk!

  2. Ed

    Dirk, that would be great.

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