Clint Radford Hunters Nation Pro Staff

"There is a passion for hunting, something deeply implanted in the human breast."

Charles DickensMy passion for hunting was established when I was a youngin' tagging along with my dad and grandpa hunting deer in Southern Oregon. Some of my fondest childhood memories were visiting my grandpa's hundred-acre-ranch to shoot ground squirrels, jack rabbits, quail, coyotes, and jump shooting the ponds for waterfowl. In high school my family moved out to the ranch and it quickly became my own hunting reserve. My friends called it the 5 R Ranch, "Radford's ranch, resort, reserve, and range". Always mindful not to over harvest anything, I learned the value of conservation while living there.Now married to the love of my life and since moving back to Southern Oregon, I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy God's creation once again. While hunting I feel closest to my Creator and thoroughly amazed at his handiwork. I hope to instill this same adoration for the Lord and the outdoors into our four year old daughter. I primarily chase elk and blacktail deer with my bow on public land as much as my teaching schedule will allow. Nothing gets my blood pumping like getting a rutting bull elk fired up!

As a Kinesiology major in college, in the "off-season" I see great value in keeping my body fit and training for the mountains! Rocky Mountain Athlete is helping hunters push their limits further than ever before. I'm proud to be part of RMA and look forward to utilizing my knowledge of fitness and it's importance on your behalf.

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